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Google Academy for Realtors Seminar

I atended the Google Academy for Realtors Seminar today at the Norther Virginia Association of Realtors.  was the Google Academy Instructor. He can be reached at  or 954 834 DEAN. RUN, don't walk to this class when it comes to your area. I have read about it before on Active Rain. Here are a few of my notes but in addition when you attend you receive a BIG, fat very cool package as part of the program. Anyway, here are some of my scribbles from today. Find a way to take the class. I would put it on the caliber of Rain Camp. Since I have been on Active Rain almost two years now most of this was very familiar to me already. The instructor had a nice way of tying it together and adding that extra sentence or two that added just the information you would want to learn while spending a day focused on Google Products. It was a day well spent! Check it out!


My messy Scribbles and Thoughts!


GMail Advantages:


Longevity of archived emails means pdf attachments saved also...compliance with Realtor Record Saving Requirements.


Cloud Computing means storage safety for docs.


Google Docs enable access without product license while traveling. 7500 megs storage FREE.


Separate phone number also comes FREE with Google account. Handy if in a poor reception area. VOIP.


Mr. or Mrs. Flintstone without text plan. Can text for free no plan whenever with Google Account. Again, this is valuable on travel or in poor service area as long as you have Internet access.

Think iPAD usage also for this.


Can Instant Message IM with a google account. Keeps transcript of conversation.


Video Chat available. chat


Skype phone call can show photos of home while talking to out of town prospects.


Can translate email to other languages.


Contact database is in clouds also.


Export csv file from Outlook.


Android synchs with Google automatically.


Undo send feature thirty seconds


Set up signature lines


Can import all mail from other services.


Can send email from other account while in GMail.


All accounts can be sent to GMail.


Set Chat History on.


Enable labs for instance google maps so maps show on email or chat or 30 second undo! Review them all.


Listen or read Google Voice messages.


Priority capability on email ex. Clients or Family


Settings is gear icon at top right.


File save as word so can do doc on cloud and send to Clients FREE and they do not have to know or do Google.


Hit share button to client to collaborate on PDF, spreadsheet etc.


Can publish collaborative product on link and send to client.


Invite without edit capability if desired.


Can upload PowerPoint Presentation.


From template can use already prepared spreadsheets.


Can purchase 20 megs at a time from Google five bucks a year.


Password protect a file.


Dropbox is external drive stored on cloud.


Drag and drop feature then synchs to cell, iPad etc.Eliminates need for external drive.


Google docs can store Quickbooks back up etc. is Magic Pocket for Two Gigs FREE. Purchase extra storage.


Can search weather, packages, flights in Google Search without going to specific vendor site.


QR Code to Virtual Tour


Web links to the real world.


Neo Reader for iPhone vs Red Laser


Augments content plus more recent information can be provided.


QR codes scannable 70mph or on TV Screen!


QR Code Generator FREE...just Google this


Yes, I have QR Codes on my Jeep door signs! And yes, I mentioned the redirect that offfers from to a mobile web site when on a Smart Phone. does Analytics for QR Code.


QR Codes can insert all contacts into database or calendar. Cheryl Ritchie Realtor SoMd


EPS files do not lose resolution on huge sizes


Number one demographic is techy consumer. Yep, ready for that!


Visiblity is more important than ability. EYEBALLS!


Accountability or tracking for each shortened QR Code!


QR Code to Google Doc Feature Sheet or Dropbox Feature Sheet with Public URL.


Shop savvy cnet good scanners Blackberry apps...Google Goggles.


Google Goggles is site that you can point at any object and get description. Mona Lisa. Offices upcoming.


Check out for cool google apps like google goggles. download version 6. QR Code Stickers.


Customize listing presentation. Snipping tool Jing or built in version. by Tech Smith for screen capture links live with arrow texts etc.  Connects to Jing pro has video and YouTube video upload.


Street view has photo from vehicle.


Create pre list package or folded using GoogleProducts like Google Earth, StreetView QRCode etc. Paste the Google Earth EmBedCode in website.


3D Mode also listed.


Can send to on star or Garmin GPS.


Bing Maps is the Microsoft version.


Birds Eye View is an extra photo before visiting home. 


Bing let's you rotate street view photo.


Put the photos in Dropbox.


Google Earth can record a tour! upload photos on travel to Picasa.


Photoshop level product.


Visibility more important than ability. for free music for Google Tours.


Use Picasa download for free simple virtual tour . is home for uploaded. Videos.


Can collaborate and share photos.


Take photos of your own home and upload Picasa.


Documentation. is the Microsoft Version. ( I just got permsiion to Beta Test this!)


Collage product is awesome!


Use this for the Cindy Jones sign idea.


Picnic is online version of Picasa.


Update the program and allow everything so all photos come in.


Facial recognition on Picasa.


Google info 466453 is mobile phone text message for flights pizza Starbucks movies Is how you get your business listed free.


Cha cha 242242


SEO Download 4 links in package


SEO means do keyword tool search first ...long tail keywords...conversion rates higher with more specificity. Want them to go to landing page not home page i.e. Where the info on the keyword is located.


Bounce Rate high means. Not relevant. Means no google point.


No bounce stick around. Credibility on organic side.


Longevity adds points. Order more years more points. has names about to expire.


Core of keywords then title tag and description tag i.e. Meta tags....goal is conversion.


Google rank is for content rich site so descriptions have to be different.


Relevant plus unique.


Duplicate content not good. will report back to you copied information.


First two meta tags are title and descriptions.


The last hour was a lot of stuff we learn from AR about SEO....but you go because you will find it is an action packed fascinating Google Day. What you think you know about Google only scratches the surface. Or lightly touches says it even more accurately. Go sign up with Dean for one MEAN (great!) day of Google information via his Nationwide Google Academy Class for Realtors.

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