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Ipad Paperless Realtor Training Product!


From Evernote:

goodlife wise team run your business on an ipad for BUYERS

Study Guide for Goodlife Team Buyer iPad Class Webinar with Ross Hair! Check out products for sale at   for discounted products of two payments $97 apiece. No promo code needed. This product dumb, simple stupids it down for me! My messy notes? Ready set go!

Garry Wise says 30 minutes to prepare all steps below for client appt.

Buyers have an excitement mode even more than Sellers! Manage mood and expectations for five star experience.

Prepare,      and organize docs are three steps.

Like Seller steps, do Calendar appt first.

Detailed notes over coffee. Buyer consulatation process via Evernote.


Set up Notebook 

Needs Assessment import photo from FB, Linked in, Company Website.

Source, Interest, Experience, Time Frame, Financial Capacity, Decision Makers, Concerns are the Templates.  Joe Brown Needs Assessment is Title for clients.

Email this!

Joe Brown Property Tour is Title

Property Tour for DATE.


Address, Access, Agent info, ABC Rating are template.

Needs Assessment and Property Tour in iBooks ready. 

Then get prequal letter so set up in Mortgage Calculator for on the fly answers in home.

Needs Assessment Note, Prop tour in iBooks, Mortgage Calculator set up....

Preview homes!

100 percent prepared for research and paperwork. My MA and send!


 Prepare offer and have it ready for one of the three. Create offer with exception of closing date and price.

Twenty minutes is complete prep time for all the above per Garry Wise!

Old days six hours now down to true evaluation  loaded on iPad.

Ready to roll road now!

Five step property procedures next.

Maps on iPad are the bomb.


Hand iPad to client. Open iBooks and scroll though the print outs!

Also have the Buyer pull up Evernote so they can hyperlink to map and tap on directions.

Interactive experience is connection tool of iPad for unique buyer experience.

Favorite music can be played on Spotify with impromptu playlist. Buyer pulls up in transit. Draw circle around area where looking. Good method to add a nearby property. Integrates Buyer and Tech in to process.

Prop Tour list has address access agent info notes plus PDF of homes at bottom plus on iBooks. 

Record capability on Evernote notes..record audio. Hit microphone.

Third step is detailed notes likes and dislikes.

Go back to property they like the most. Go reinspect and liven the property. Meanwhile use Mobile MLS as Buyer tours to do mobile CMA. Then redo calculator.

No need to use printer any longer on road.

The magic is Docusign stage. No need to return to office. Sign in person at property!

Steps for Docusign shown on iPad Webinar.

Mail offer to Listing Agent via Safari on iPad.

Research, write, submit etc all at property.

Prepare, tour property, now third step is Cartavi are triangle steps.

Cartavi is way cool. I am exploring this concept with them for Estate Management and Short Sales! Check for more info later from moi on Active Rain posts.

For future refi fabulous! Allow the parties in years later for paperwork.

Gap between this Webinar and the step by step procedures solved by Buyer and Seller products compiled by Krisstina and Garry Wise Ipad for Realtors products. Foundational tool for business like a contractor never being without his hammer.

Good Life Team is presenting best practices on iPad for Realtors. 

Granular steps like tips and tricks in products for WOW!   iPad for Real Estate  has one series for Buyers and one for Sellers.

This product is to learn the tools if you are not jump started already. 16 roughly three to five minute videos on both Buyer and Sellers. Updates given when purchase products. Ross Hair is also tossing in bonus. Can figure out on own but this jumps the long learning process. Gives service and savvy. 

Garry Wise used three years of iPad in field for this self education that is being shared. Helps with step by step process from three years of trial and error.

Use for Docusign missing piece of puzzle. Join the journey!  Two payments 97 apiece through May 31.


Apple introduced iPad and anticipated fun mobile consumer tool. Was not expected to be business tool. BUT small businesses embraced as early adapters. Holy cow moment since this iPad device revolutionizes Real Estate business. 

Apple came and filmed this small brokerage for two days. is commercial.

iPad was meant for real estate is ending quote.... transforms consumer experience.

Private group to interact with other agents using the Ipad is another benefit.

2012 updates for FB LINKEDIN Twitter Blogging free for next hour from Ross Hair. FREE membership for thirty days with free code to download everything. Social media marketing class SMM.


One more freebie is iPad from contract to close available in June. Third module available June and tossed in. Covers everything soup to nuts. 

Drink the Kool Aid i.e. this is wave of future. Time and energy saver in this step by step blueprint. 

Fabulous Webinar, fabulous product, just do it!!!  Visit

Webinar Recorded. Wise team guinea pigs with arrows in back. Raving Fans.

Use Reflection app to show iPad on screen of laptop thru wi if roughly 17 bucks. has this reflection link.

Wi fi 3G discussion avoids password discussion.

Apps used Mortgage Calc, Numbers, 11-17 form software companies across country....get mobile app for your Board of Realtors...Zipforms is one example....passes thru and imports in to Docusign...personal forms like IRS  or Accountant  or Law firm plus contracts...

Screen shot plus links coming for purchasers of products.


Integrate clients in to process via signature process. 

Wow factor is iPad usage. Note purchase of apple products in Apple Store WOW because this is same concept. Docusign gives the Apple WOW.

Still print if need to do so! Already have! Compliance issues can be resolved with paper if you have these laws for wet signature. 

This new tech and apps and training is a differentiator.


Community now interacting when you purchase products. 

Social Media Marketing Class will have a promo code!

Earnest Money gets handled. Just take camera shot of check. Prequal letter camera shot also. Pro scanner or Genius Scan apps work for these steps.

Given enough time, you could figure all these steps out yourself but why spend the time.

Box net vs Dropbox. Box net used for this solely and Docusign does not use Dropbox yet.


Access to presentation ? Webinar is recorded plus dumbed down steps in product.

Doc Collaboration with Docusign and Cartavi and Forms program. Cartavi integrated with Docusign. These videos included in purchase now.

Raised the Bar! 

iBooks stores everything so bounce or switch between Evernote and iBooks. Cool switch process!

June free Doc Collabration Videos will be completed if order now. No promo code needed. 

Order at for freebies now! SMM access thirty  days and download all! Best Blogger stuff. Video Marketing and Mobile Marketing. Past camps included. 

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